An Ode to the Youth of David Gottfried

I had the face of Jagger

The hair of Brian Jones

I walked with a swagger

You wished you were my clones


My aura of audacity

My blitzkrieging sun

My otherworldly energy

Would singe and scream and stun


I walked off of the lyric sheet

Of a Lou Reed song

My subversion was complete

I was religiously wrong


I could eat a strawberry

And see John Lennon’s face

Make a vaulted sanctuary

Of dreams you couldn’t erase


I savored weed that wormed its way

Into my commodious mind

The feral, sultry night held sway

New vices were divined


I drove my cars like mighty tanks

And sped quite unsurpassed

Other cars of lesser ranks

Were smartly charged, harassed


I howled in the bowels

Of sordid basement apartments

Betrothed  to sainted struggles

Where masses marched in torrents


Of rain and hail and snow and  sleet

Of every emotion enlarged

All discretion was in retreat

My lava was discharged

Copyright, David Gottfried, 2010


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