Darien, Connecticut


Oh, the glare

Oh, the stare

Oh, consecrated flair

Of Darien, Darien

Divine, Delightful Darien


Pardon Me

Pardon You

Oh, such a petty parvenu

Of Darien, Darien

Bitchy, Witchy Darien


Taffeta Dress

Feel the Stress

The fabric’s satin, sheened caress

Of Darien, Darien

Tantalizing Darien



And Bergdorfs

Will dress up all the moral dwarfs

In Darien, Darien

Let’s dine and dance in Darien




And silken shawls

Will glisten like white waterfall’s

In Darien, Darien

Bejwelled, betrothed Darien


To wall Street wed

And lovingly fed

With arrogance imbibed, inbred

In Darien Darien

Bedecked in dollars Darien


Rather Tart

Savagely smart

An icy, Anglican, Christian heart

In Darien, Darien

Jewless, joyous Darian



And so serene

A diamond aloof, august with spleen

In Darien, Darien

The hills spike sharp in Darien


Copyright, David Gottfried, 1999



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