Inspired by a Japanese Tsunami, an ensuing nuclear crisis and Elizabeth Taylor’s Eyes

“Sublime [Latin, sublimis, to the limit]

To evaporate a substance directly from the solid into a vapor state and condense it again.  For example, metallic iodine on heating does not liquefy but forms directly a violet gas.”

Taber’s Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary, Eighteenth Edition, 1997, Page 1854

I want to light fires and see violet gasses

A jubilant inferno that ravages, harasses

I want to have a fever of a hundred and five

I want to be convulsive, committed, alive


I want to see the zenith that excels, surpasses

Every fevered fury that smashes the masses

The fired exaltation that fails to survive

That resounds in memory as a blessed archive
I dread the hurricane that enraptures, crashes

The flaming cold water alabaster, amasses

After the floods I dare not revive

Arch, grand chaos is what I will contrive


I want to feel the fright of status asthmaticus

A strangulating clutch of inelastic hiatuses

Of air that the fates will smugly deprive

End banality; let me soar or nosedive


Copyright, David Gottfried, 2011


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