Is my mind shuttered

Hopelessly corrupted

Religiously cluttered


With lies, alibis

Am I asinine

(Do I dare to eat that peach)


But do I derive

Something alive

Manna to thrive

From the aching grace of those sweet, sad eyes


Herds of sheep on BrokebackMountain

I hear the lines, “Oh captain, My captain”

I hail, I hallow, that brotherly bastion

That tent in the woods, my Mecca, my mansion


I love that man, I love his eyes

No drug will anesthetize

Nor sublimation ever disguise

My stabbing aches and pleading cries


Storm the dungeon of my heart

The relentless melody of the tart

The Irony, like a rampart

Against what love may impart


Put down the quill, enjoy the thrill

Don’t espy it from a windowsill

A warm chest for winter’s chill

And burn taboos on a grill


The fire’s down, the embers gleam

Cold air blows in a steady stream

The warmest arms embrace, redeem

The manly force of love supreme


Although his steps were soft and slaked

The boots on his feet were muddy and caked

It seemed as though the earth had quaked

Our hard embrace could not be braked


Touch those jeans and feel the heat

The weight, the heft, the sinuous fit

Stand erect and beam conceit

Relish strength and true grit


Touch striations of muscled love

The rump pale like the white of a dove

Manners be damned the cock will shove

The aperture fitting as sweet as a glove


The howling night, the dusty shrub

The mean and common monotonous grub

Those grunting gasps you’ll never dub

The seed, the stain, you’ll never scrub


Whisker to whisker, hear him whisper

Savor the breath with the force of a twister

To be each other’s sovereign brother

A bulwark, a brace, against disaster


The seasons stark, the natural reign

The real intention spoken plain

Shouting at the world’s disdain

Growling softly in my brain

His voice so soft to me resounds

The strong, the sweet, so fused, astounds

On all the playing fields and grounds

His memory overtakes, surrounds


But coyotes and jackals intervene

Braying, heaving, reeking spleen

Cleaving to their means obscene

Their Jesus real as plasticene


The prohibition that always detains

The prosecution that always arraigns

That never, ever, ascertains

The loneliness lodged in our brains


Now soil’s moist, the dew like tears

They once rejoiced, so many years

Their flag was hoist, but disappears

Their love was voiced, but doused by fears


So do not dare to stifle and bridle

And make me lonely and so suicidal

Bereft of the force virile and vital

Silence and Bury that bible recital


That cowboy, that manboy, that man of no means

Exposes Pharisees as Philistines

His beauty and balls, staunch evergreens

Surpassing the straight, perverted and mean


I want to laugh, I want to smash

Barriers and bullshit and doctors’ cant

I must, I will, I shall do it now

Redeeming acts my steely vow.





Copyright, David Gottfried, 2005


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