On Tsunamis

The waves of water wax and smash

Against the shore they bellow and crash

The droplets crown the tidal waves

Like pebbles anointing Jewish graves


The day breaks in torrent tides

Bequeathing deeper homocides

The deep blue water screams in black

And masses for its grand attack


The swirling, whirling witch’s brew

The foaming mouthed maddest shrew

The liquid fire immolates all

The oceans’ furies seethe and brawl


The reddest sea that conjures blood

Pharoah’s legions buried in mud

The drowned and damned bereft of breath

The voices stilled by eternal death


There is no ark or spark of life

Only the ever present knife

That didn’t gash Issac’s throat

But is no more at all remote


Copyright, David Gottfried, 2005


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