The Neo Conservatives

The Red Army did more for the Jews than every Hasid in Brooklyn.


And Podhoretz is a poison and a liar and a thief


They are talking in the campuses, chattering ignoramuses


Transmuting into fact their delusional belief



Woolfowitz never saw a wolf or heard a shot in anger


A nicely, ivy, pampered life of sweet chablis and brie


Disraeli to Victoria, applauding all the regnant rich


He crafts a policy of imperial enmity




With minds so capacious, and homes gracious and quite spacious


They will entertain nothing but an idiot speck of spin


They are stalwart in conviction and have a predilection


To enlarge their Sadaam and make him Saladin




They’re elated that the nation, soporific and sedated


Has berated and deflated every inkling of a thought


And from this barren brain, mentally wholly lame


They have pruned and marooned any meaningful retort



Dainty, enervated, on divans they will have fainted


At belated realization that they’ve lost their sordid war


The world at large is heaving;  the U.S. it is besieging


I behold the sizzling riots of a thrashing thermador


Copyright, David Gottfried, 2006



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