Word War One



I touch the words, I kiss the words

I can’t count them.

Consonants and Voweled howl

Lettered Love, cognition’s stem


I bite with “T,” I soar with “S”

Textured tongued lovingness

Bearlike B’s will always Bless

And curves of “C” can caress


Viva verse with wiggle and rhyme

Sounding that orgasmic chime

Phonic congruity so sublime

Orifice winks in perfect time


Those Muscled quatrains stern and strong

So Angular and never wrong

Where every word must all belong

Like soldiers brothered all along


And the words when irked will fight

Syllabic armies move at night

Blitzing Brilliant bold and bright

They rage against the dying light


While I Deal D’s with princely rage

Exclaiming death on every page

I shout I scream I storm the stage

I am your demonic sage


I bellow the oceanic “O”

And Summon sweet fright of Poe

I dream the gallowed garish glow

Of wicked, wise words I’ll sow


Copyright, David Gottfried, 1995


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