For Abner Luima, a victim of the NYC Police

The priests screw alter boys

The police shove toilet plungers into

Black men’s rectums

And David Bowie had it right:

“A cop knelt down and kissed the feet of a priest

And a queer threw-up at the sight of that”


And it was Priest

Who ran the Nazi regime in Slovakia

And said “Bratislava needs no matzoh

All the Jews are dead”


And it was always Priest and a pig

A dress and a night stick

A phallus always flaccid

That makes a hand a fist


And they’re denouncing all the faggots

At Saint Patrick’s day parades

They hoist flags on kilted crotches

Applaud archbishops’ tirades


And they’re swilling lots of whiskey

While they’re busting guys for pot

And their bellies, they are heaving

With toxic livers spewing rot


They loved it when Hanoi was bombed

When panzers razed half of Russia

Commies, kikes and gooks they knew

Deserved the wrath of Prussia


Your sweet Jesus in his undies

With his legs crossed on a stick

The juiciest Jew for goyim like you

Inflames your little prick


Copyright, David Gottfried, 1997


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