Inspired by the Words ‘very, very bright’ in a Beatles’ Song

I believe

In the blood

Of a gun

In the middle of the night

Spurting red rage,

very very bright


I believe in the hate

That ablates and creates

A spark that stimulates

Then a fire satiates


I bludgeon with the bellows

Of undying disbelief

I erect the ghoulish gallows

And guillotine my grief


I salivate with sacrilege

I sing my demon songs

I plunder all your privilege

I right the regal wrongs


To slice the poisoned heart

Of a judge and a priest

To storm a castle’s rampart

And make a king deceased


The Courts enrobed in marble

The Laws inscribed with spleen

Oh, to turn it into rubble

And realize this riot dream


Their money is all stolen

Their work is all bogus

My hate is quite molten

My gun is in focus
Copyright, David Gottfried, 2005



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