Get This Straight: Neo Con Gertrude Himmelfarb is Published Only Because She’s Irving Kristol’s Wife

Himmelfarb, Himmelfarb flies back in time

To tea cups and colonies and England sublime

When everyone’s verse was all tidy in rhyme

And on Sunday morn’ all church bells did chime


But Himmelfarb, Himmelfarb, knows not the poor

She dreams of balls, titles and great gowns galore

And when an urchin dares knock at her door

She tartly exclaims, “what a messy eyesore”


And Himmelfarb, Himmelfarb averts her gaze

Forgetting the soot and industrial haze

The meanness, the misers of a miserable maze

The dark and defeated of the capitalist craze


So Himmelfarb, Himmelfarb polishes the crystal

Seeing visions of splendor in slum-ridden Bristol

She won’t stop pretending, not evening a bissel

Then again, let’s remember, she’s wed to Irv Kristol


Copyright, David Gottfried, 1995


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