I’m Proud to be in Contempt of Court

I’m proud to be in contempt of Court

Don’t you know the Judges are bought

The Roman stones are a retort

To everything the Savior sought


If a doctor butchers a bone

It will be rare to see him atone

The Plaintiff is most always alone

Expert witnesses aren’t on loan


And affidavits are a joke

Lies dressed-up in a legal cloak

The truth is strangled by the yoke

Of grey-suited grafters making you broke


The Pharisees are feeling full

With stocks and bonds and lots of pull

From the sheep they’ve taken the wool

Demanding thrift like a papal bull


And New York is so alive

A place where joyous liars thrive

Cheat and chatter and contrive

I prey Stalin’s successor arrives


Copyright, David Gottfried, 2003


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