Words, Pictures and Guns

What is a notebook next to a video camera

The paper flutters while the plastics decide

It snaps shut and cancels ephemera

The wistful words cannot long abide


What is a speech next to a gun

Just digressions beside a blow

Orbits deferential to a sun

Following what the bullet will sow


What is a poem next to a coup

A whimpering lady lost in libraries

A frail child beside a hooligan crew

Pensive pleas denied by decrees


I want my words to grow appendages

Spew emanations like sonic booms

I want to smash the shackles, cages

That denudes a voice of its plumes


I want each word to dictate action

I want the pen to grow in size

Closer to a sword and truncheon

A weapon I can start to prize


Copyright, David Gottfried, 1998


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