Hark the Wealthy Women Come to Praise Virginia Woolf


They saunter in the springtime air and say that they’re so


Trust fund gals, one and all, they never have a care

With smiley smirks and cutting quirks they show sarcastic


Beware the male so impudent he dares to cast his stare


They’ve got degrees, fine pedigrees, and are so au courant

They know without a doubt of course the wretched way of man

And testicular turbulence they do so care to ban

And if they have their way they shall implement their plan


To cut the nuts from boys and men and make them be quite


Like little lovely fairy queens, a dowager’s favorite treat

Kneeling, crawling, begging and offering up their meat

The little boys in English class are trodden on like peat


And when the women graduate they feel so strong and free

They glide from Greenwich to New York with exuberance and


And make a mint on a market hot trajectory

Forgetting Woolf and all she taught in their Capitalistic





 Copyright, David Gottfried, 1995




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