In Search of the Brightest Color

The violence of the violet at the end of the spectrum

Searing through your eyes like the essence of color

Tempting you to tarry in wavelengths we can’t fathom

To cross a mortal boundary and make a roof a floor


To see frequencies faster, more feral, always starker

Where every light’s a laser and all beams ballistic

Where red knows how to glare like a bloodbath only harsher

Where blue augurs chills of death and breath static


Where green has the gleam of a thousand emerald cities

With spires ever higher obscuring the sky entire

Where brown is denuded of its somber, earthly duties

And becomes a hue rare and fair and all the world its buyer
To charge through the ether and invade realms uncharted

Propelled like a rocket at the silver speed of light

To savor the succulence of divine gifts imparted

To soar to strangest spheres in the dazzling august night


David Gottfried, Copyright, 2007


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