Scarlet fever is associated with

Group A streptococcal strains…Among the

characteristic manifestations…are

… a ‘strawberry tongue’…


The Merck Manual, 14th edition,

page 79.


This is the dress in which I led the

cotillion.  Won the cakewalk twice at

Sunset Hill… I had malaria fever all

that spring…I had a little tempera-

ture all the time — not enough to be

serious — just enough to be restless

and giddy!…


The Glass Menagerie by Tennessee



The girls in a swirl of strawberries prevail

Flushed and fevered all night they assail

With gowns that glitter a glorious trail

And sharp trilling voices that royally rail


Oh Hail, oh hark, fine maidens so fair

With pale complexions so chaste and so spare

Like white sugar coating on pastries that swear

And swagger with red cherry insides that dare


To ooze and peruse every mouth without cower

Delicious, lubricious, but tinged with the sour

Flowering and yearning for despotic power

The black and the bold of the bewitching hour


Aroused and caroused like the Pox breathing heat

Inflamed, insaned, it will never retreat

But martial its forces ’till conquest’s complete

And shattered and vanquished is Christian conceit


Copyright, David Gottfried, 1999


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