I’ll never forget when I saw “Taxi Driver” and dropped acid

Down my throat

The morning mists of Washington Square Park

(Or the exuberance of New York’s

“F” subway line)

Carried me aloft to Fifty-Ninth Street

Where all the big movies played

In spanking new theaters


And the concession stand came from Penny Lane

and Strawberry Fields

Sugarcoated foreplay before the Fuck


(Spitting in your eyes

Drilling through your ears

Simulating jismic dreams of plenty

A lust that lasts for years)


And when the show was over

All the mannequins of nearby Bloomingdales gave me a hard-on

The spring was turning to summer

Sweet limbs loomed large and smooth

Street lights all seemed to twinkle


And then it was time to go home

And I looked for the “F” train to go home

I walked round and round the street

But I couldn’t find it because I was high

I still haven’t found it




My favorite thing

Is letting the phone ring and not picking-up

Hearing your voices on the answering machine

Imploring, pleading

Go ahead and beg some more


Cry, baby

Cry me a song of sweety pie tears

Of strawberry nose

And blackberry eyes

You have no allies

Oh, how I want to die


Copyright, David Gottfried, 2012


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