Testosterone Displacement and Variations in Male Sexuality

.Testosterone Displacement and Variations in Male Sexuality


I am a gay man, and, as one might suspect, I have seen many men in states of undress and sexual excitation.  What I have seen leads me believe that many differences in sexual behavior, penile size, physique and body hair are the consequence of varying uses of testosterone by the body.

I have seen quite a few men with a huge amount of body hair who have markedly small penises.  I once encountered a man who had a veritable carpet of hair on his body whose penis was so small that he felt compelled to sit down when he urinated.  What is going on here.  I humbly submit (I am not a doctor but given the abundance of cerebral shrimps I have seen in medicine perhaps I should have gone into the “healing profession”)  that too much testosterone is going into the production of hair and not enough testosterone is devoted toward the elongation of the penis.

Also, I have known quite a few drag queens and markedly effeminate men with enormous penises and profoundly, almost gravely and austerely, masculine features. I know one drag queen, for example, who has a chiseled angularity about him that would have made him ideal for playing very macho roles in film and theatre – his stern and severe face makes John Wayne look like the quintessential sissy.  (By the way:  I am not referring to myself.  I have a stern face, but I am short; he is over six feet tall, and I have never found drag appealing – I think it’s all terribly boring and decidedly unattractive.)  What is going on here:  Again, I humbly submit that the matter is one of testosterone displacement or application.  I think that so much testosterone is directed toward penile growth and the development of angular, macho features that there is only a scant amount of testosterone left over to masculinize the mind.

Yes, this is a short essay.  But I always placed great stock in Nietzsche’s dictum about writing: Say in ten sentences what other people fail to say in a book.  That said, adios amigos.


Copyright, David Gottfried, 2012


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