Class Warfare is Alive and Well and Living in New York City Civil Court

(Written After Judge Grayshaw delivered an Order from the Bench, without — I sincerely believe — bothering to read a single sentence of this Lawyer’s memorandum of Law)


Who will you evict today Judge Grayshaw

Robed and feeling righteous your ugly paw

Will sign an Order notwithstanding the Law

Dispensing justice, ribald, rough and raw


And how much do the landlords pay

To keep you in their pocket every day

And what can a pauper pray or say

As your eyes glare with a demonic ray


And how do you fair in your palatial abode

I’m sure it is roachless and a la mode

Aloof at the end of an august road

With primping parapets that forbode


And strut and snicker and point below

To those whose lives are ridden with woe

And haughtily howl they won’t overthrow

Gluttons of gold with a menacing glow


David Gottfried, Copyright, 1997


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