For Writers LIke the Psychoanalyst Erik Erickson



You do not speak to communicate

You speak to deride

To stylishly savage and strangulate

To that end, you abide


You do not write to edify

You write to intimidate

Every word an urbane lie

Sophistry is your signal trait


The prose is regnant and richly endowed

Supercilious, smug and very proud

It need not speak in a voice that’s loud

It deafens by strewing a heavy shroud


Sometimes its voice is only a purr

But it leaves our dreams a dying ember

Something to archly chastise, inter

Read some more and this will recur


It proceeds with infallible argument

As true as a Papal pronouncement

A stern and solid impediment

Like a bleak and hard tenement


Innuendos, asides, are airy and snide

Defenses you swiftly erode and debride

Bursting with blithe, insufferable pride

Your essay’s complete, and heart you’ll elide


Copyright, David Gottfried, 2003


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