An Ode to Glenda Jackson


An Ode to Glenda Jackson


Glenda Jackson is the loveliest lemon

Her lapidary syllables shine

Soar above the muck of life

Like rarest, whitest wine


She slices, dices all objections

With the archest speech

With grandest, mad soliloquies

All powers she’ll impeach


Her hair of gold gleams like the sun

Her limbs are taut and quick

A coiled, crafty grandest dame

She’ll burn you to the wick


Every part that she embarks

Becomes her property

A vaulted, vain,  victorious stage

For her profundity


She emits the sparks of life

She sizzles, yes she does

Bursting, beaming, always blithe

One thinks one is but was


Copyright, David Gottfried, 2005



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