Just a Garden Variety Queen Bitch


She was white and marble and adamantine

Her sheen had the gleam of a ravishing queen

She savored pleasures like a vain libertine

While her dewy pale face proclaimed her pristine


It gardens, in parties, in the heart of things chic

Where every third comment is perplexing, oblique

Where the world will never be left to the meek

She’ll wear bejeweled gowns like a Tudor antique


And when’s she holds Court she’s quite indiscreet

Defaming, declaiming, instilling defeat

Her piercing, shrill voice resounds down the street

The crowd is quite cowered by her arch conceit


She strides like the Empress of a fine British fleet

Sailing to India to treat peasants like peat

Lolling in luxuries of stupendous surfeit

She shouts “Tally Ho” and vows never retreat


Copyright, David Gottfried, 2007


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