Just Get It Over With


Just Get It Over With


I think that the entirety of Manhattan Island should be blown to smithereens

Everything from Sardi’s to a bodega’s old saltines

The Pharisees of the law courts and Broadway’s philistines

The Holy Street of stocks and bonds that violently careens


The liberals at their luncheons, drinking champers nibbling brie

Enjoying the finest pleasures, living so luxuriously

They love to wax rhapsodic about the scourge of poverty

And toast their divine beauty when they young and gallantly


Floated in from Harvard yard and other special spots

To march and charge the system with the most vile plots

They wrote a brilliant thesis stating the monied world rots

And now they feel oh so fine relaxing on their yachts


And when they’re gay they’re oh so fey, fickle and feline

All the shops, all the stores, must bring them goods divine

While they lie quite lazily, supercilious and supine

Becoming the incarnation of things vulgar and porcine
And if they’re Jews you know their pews are in no synagogue

Their moral view occluded by a cadillac’s smog

Impassioned acts for right and wrong suggest the demagogue

And so they hide in sophistry, a talmudic, legal bog


And the blacks, run in packs, suggest a terror attack

A muslim manic mayhem that seems incited by Iraq

The whole of Harlem may well be a vast army barrack

Committed to giving America unceasing ferocious flack


Italians are a tribe of sorts exalting certain ancient foods

That seem to be quite congruent with medieval attitudes

Their vast repasts of wine and pasta serve as interludes

Between the mobs’ campaigns and their foul, fetid moods


The feminists are furious, and loving it just the same

Desperately seeking new things male to stigmatize and blame

Each poem, book, concert, contract entitles them to fame

They are the chosen, chaste, smart sex they adamantly exclaim

Copyright, David Gottfried, 1998


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