The Womanly Beauty of Israel


She was like a swan by a lake,

Toward the right, setting down.

She was pained, bleeding bad.

An eight mile waist,

Which they all thought was too much.

Her feet all crimped in Eilat,

Like in China years ago.

And her shoulders:

Swollen, clobbered, lonely

From arms severed,

Sold to slavery

Venus di Yisroel.

But then she grew and got developed, settled down and sprawled around

She got a stomach in Judea and Samaria

And parked her supermarket cart over in the Sinai Mall.

And she was a woman called Golda,

An old lefty and a real hawk.

Such gems they don’t make anymore

And for years they’ve wanted to put our lady on a diet, saying:

“Never mind that Iraq is made of Kurdistan, or that

Almost every nation on this earth has evicted millions and millions of refugees.”

“Let’s just pick on the little Jewish girl in the corner of the room.

The girl that our teacher, Mrs. Holy Rome, says is an evil wanton Slut

The girl whom everyone loves to hate

The girl who is a millionaire and is engaged in a communist conspiracy  against the millionaires”

And so I kiss the land, kiss the dust, kiss every last sunburnt outpost polluted by

plastic packages of kosher potato chips, coca cola cans and tubes of sunscreen

And so I supported Sharon over Barak.

David Gottfried, Copyright, 2001


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