(Paris, in 1936, was smothered with signs proclaiming that Stalin saw things as they really were)


The blond bitch eats Vienna’s twat in Anschluss

Her meaty thighs have Bohemia and Prague in a pincer

And her calves kick East, East, killing Slavs and Jews


While the Pope and Il Duce suck on her titties

And her hands play Patty cake with Marshall Petain

And her painted nails twinkle hello to the Klan back at home


Where they love the bitch

Where the bitch is a boulder blocking the Bolsheviks

Like a Moon blotting-out the sun in a Solar Eclipse


But while the West stares East Like Lot’s wife

It will be blinded

And the fires of the Moscovite Sun

Will burn the boulder of the Bitch


Copyright, David Gottfried, 1995


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