Fat and Dumb



They ate American cheese and wonderbread

They loved their Ronald Reagan

They never cluttered their empty head

And accused us all of treason


Most nations they can’t find on a map

They twiddle their thumbs with dumbness

They run from thought like a thunderclap

And rejoice in life’s sameness


Malls and Burgers and stupid TV

This is the staple of the meager beast

They pledge allegiance to liberty

And imagination is deceased


All their heroes lie in the past

The Bulge, the blood of Iwo Jima

Their present is something hardly harassed

For reading they lack stamina


They’re fatter and fatter every day

They drive a car to travel two blocks

A coma like trance seems to hold sway

Over these meek and mongoloid flocks


They sold the Afghans missiles and guns

And rejoiced when the Soviets fell

Killing the cold war stanchions

They ushered in  Ben Ladin’s death knell


And W is their new pin up Dad

A preening, callow, shifty man

They hardly realize they’ve been had

Their jobs will go to Uzbekistan


Copyright, David Gottfried, 2004


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