Living on 34th Street in New York





The big fat women

With the big fat asses

In the red pants suits

swarming vulgar garish shopping hordes




Fast food screaming at your stomach

Fried Ulcerating bacteria laden

Cheap Chinese food laced with rat droppings




Pizza made from petroleum-derived highly profitable pseudo cheese

Multicolored swirling twirling looney tune doughnuts

Coca Cola from cans with rims encrusted with dirt, or dried dog shit

Sweet and Sour, mostly flour and fat, chicken, pork or maybe dog and cat





The shrieking voice of capital triumphant

A multicultural maelstrom of squawking selling voices

The Koreans, their staccato screams gunning your ears

For a Dollar, Dollar twenty-nine, Dollar thirty-nine

For a rock-like tasteless tumor of a roll

Hear Mick Jagger and his Jewish women yelp

“Shmata, Shmata, Shmata

And I can’t give it away on seventh Avenue”

While Lou Reed and his colored girls kick ball busting boots

To the beat of Bitch Amazons screeching from street sale speakers

While turbanned men cower, clutching umbrellas, for five and ten dollars






The bus farting in your face

Its cheap petrol odor blending nicely with

the oil drenched ubiquitous egg rolls hawked on every grimed and guttered street

Graced with the sulfurous scent of dead rats

Of creeping crawling microbial bombaylike

Infections oozing into open wounds

in lost poor lonely AIDS wards





This ghastly fucking shithole of a City

This malevolent mosaic of multi-colored lesions

This tapestry of purple karposis and bright red zorster

And menacing all-consuming bile-like green

Of rust-colored pneumococcus

And yellowish pseudomonas

And the vile viremic daymare of death-describing AIDS


Oh but it was such a gorgeous mosaic

Black, white and all the other ugly shades streaming through the streets

Angry emanations of colors darting with purpose, with politics

With the grim and steely certitude of lasers making war

colored lines clashing in brilliant manifold battles

Technicolor, gleaming and shining on the TV news


Everyone will celebrate and kill for his color

red raged big pizza boy of Bensonhurst bleeding on

the pouting frown of clay brown Bed Stuy

erupting into blisters on bruised black boys’ faces

infected and arrested in puss engorged Chinatown

Peddling the opium of suburban Jews

(wanton woven over pork worms, hallucinating Kreplachs,

Stuffed like pink orifices with every variety of clap)

And this is before the entre



Vomit Hearty.



David Gottfried, Copyright, 1996




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