Sing to the Theme Song from “GreenAcres”


Sing this to the tune of the Greenacres situation comedy theme song:



Suha Arafat:


I want to live in Paris France

I have to go every dance

I am a woman oh so chic

Marvel at my arab-french mystique


Yasir Arafat:


I sow war in the Wild West

At mayhem, I’m the very best

I’m king of all the terrorists

Keep Paris and its polemicists


Suha Arafat:


I hate Islamic laws on food

They put me in a foul mood

I want to eat some crème brulee

Don fine minks and waltz and sashay


Yasir Arafat:


Oh Suha I do understand

You require a delicate land

Something apt for a stately queen

Living rich and really quite obscene


Suha Arafat:


Send me money hubbie Arafat

Big fat checks that show some tact

I must indulge in luxury

Being a bitch is simply my destiny


The shows

The blows





You are my wife

Good bye Paris life

Ramallah we are here


Copyright, David Gottfried, 2004



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