Written When we were Dying like flies and most Americans couldn’t have cared Less


My holy hating heart

Beating out a tune of Hendrix’s cherry red

In all of Jagger’s Chelsea Drug stores

It’s Hot, it’s real hot, it’s about 105 degrees.


Come on America and suck it.

Suck that virus America.

Come on and suck the virus you gave New York and San


Come on and suck the virus you thought was so funny

Suck that virus or I’ll fucking stab you with my blood

Stab you with my blood in Bob Dole’s corny Kansas

Stab you with my blood in Gross Point and Great Neck

Stab you in Stone Mountain Georgia and in every molehill in


Stab you with the red fulminations of a thousand fevered

dreams in a thousand filthy hospitals


Stab you with the sweet and pungent excrement of sick,

distended bellies churning a gruel of drugs and rage

Stab you with the evil emanations of Jagger’s saintly Devils, cursed by Mother Mary, nursed by Sister Morphine.


Stab you with the liquified remains of the biggest rats on

the Lower East Side

Stab you with New York’s subwayed, smelly air

A gaseous witch’s brew of tuberculosis and tenements and

urine soaked alleyways

I’ll stab you for Angie and I’ll stab you for David Bowie

I’ll Stab you for Ruby Tuesday and I’ll stab you for Freddie


I’ll stab you with the fevered night of the summered city

I’ll stab you with my sweat and all my seething secretions

I’ll stab you. I’ll stab you.


Come on Amerika and Die like a fag.



Copyright, David Gottfried, 1995



4 Comments on “Written When we were Dying like flies and most Americans couldn’t have cared Less”

  1. sOrry not great on poem crit, tAke more a psychological sociological angle on analysis, but your use of imagery and the flow of the poem are excellent and has areas of power and beauty with me just stumbling on the power of the hate. As it comes across so real, I think that is why I could see the benefit of a counterbalance version to it.

    Dunno, what you think?

    • I suppose one should be more compassionate. It gets hard.

      This poem was written at a very vile time. I remember mass death and people who seemed to relish the prospect of more “faggots” dying. Reagen and Bush Senior were wholly oblivious to the issue. If you only knew the shit I pulled — but I don’t want to discuss things potentially injurious to my legal interests

      Ps. I never stabbed anyone.

      • fAir eNough, and I am glad you found a proactive way of raising support and awareness.. Compassion for cold murderous idiots is indeed a hard thing to muster and the effect they can have on us is devestating when support and public opinion are manufactured in such a calculated way to serve their own purposes.

        This was my tribute to bUsh jUnior, which I think is fairly generous to him..

        Ps. Sorry this is not to0 PC but is it true that ‘Gay Women hate dicks like Bush?’

  2. My audio is busted and I can’t hear anything. Don’t be so apologetic. And please don’t be too twisted; you seem like a cool guy

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