Am I Evil?




The eddy draws me in

The quicksand covers me up

Entombed, marooned, the jig is up

The fire has burned its last


But I hover in the winds

A wafting witch of doom

Bequeathing certain gloom

My member becomes a broom


I am a cancer and a curse

Ejaculating lava love

I seed eternal disbelief

I desiccate every dove


I am evil, evil, to the core

My laser eyes glare and bore

Like a magnifying lens

I summon fires to the fore


That burn and singe your petty heart

And take every organ apart

Into your balls I throw my darts

And clot your vessels with infarcts


Dissected, Resected and never respected

Your half dead body writhes in pain

Your mind is stupid or insane

Your buggered belly’s pierced, distended


And when I look upon my deed

The debasement of a fine young man

I realize why my ancient creed

Was so irate at his elan


We cannot love and so we hate

We cannot create, so we destroy

The pride, the Phallus, we’ll ablate

While we declaim we’re god’s envoy


Copyright, David G0ttfried, 2008


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