They Don’t Capitalize their I’s




They don’t capitalize their I’s

Know they’re kind and bright and wise

Their beatific angel eyes

Are laser beams that cauterize


Their voices flutter, say hello

As gentle as a fairy doe

With hearts as pure as driven snow

Their Lyme disease is sown, will grow


Their lithe bodies wiggle and dance

And beckon you to take a chance

Submit to fortune, happenstance

Primordial snakes snare, advance


Exhaling idealism’s breeze

Their hearts are worn upon their sleeves

But calculating by degrees

You’re locked in an asthmatic wheeze


Their lips are red as cherry wine

The healthful blush becomes quinine

Drink the nectar quite divine

You’re stupefied, stunned, supine


And when you’re hurt they feign surprise

Devise a thousand alibis

Quite content you won’t surmise

That everything is lies, disguise


Copyright, David Gottfried, 2008


2 Comments on “They Don’t Capitalize their I’s”

  1. Wonderful… i really enjoyed this..Excellent language and flow and leaves me feeling most intrigued..

  2. Thank you for the positive feedback. I am pleased that you liked the piece.

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