Fire And Death




And all the world will be in love with night

with the sweet sad chords wafting in the wind

with the elemental pain of lost life and love


And the love will kill the life

It is the body and it is the blood

The macerated consecration of your love


Of my great mad mind bending to the blue

bourne to the boldest dagger of the death

Slicing the sky to a great orange sun


Devouring me, all fire burning beautiful

Lusting flames basting flesh and brick

Like toungues bathing tear stained cheeks


Touched by the salted holy waters

of the Deadest Sea of Isreal

God’s quicksanded ways, wishing you to death


There in the salt and there in the sun

there in the brilliant blanching light

The omnipresent calvalcade toward night


Burn it brightly, burn it brightly

sizzle and sparkle, ignite and explode

Fire Fire everywhere for a good death night


Copyright, David Gottfried, 1998


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