The Cross and the Swastika




Voltaire, Voltaire, your volts of electricity

Defame, arraign Christian mendacity

Your legions of logic storm all the palaces

Denying the blood of the grand silver chalices


Europe was always a cross and a swastika

A grand and haughty bestial basillica

The relics and jewels will gleam like a queen

Making castratos to torture, demean


The nunzios and nuns are blacker than midnight

Warning of Jews and things to indict

They poured molten lead on Damien’s sores

Sent peasants to die in a thousand sick wars


They revel in gold from selling indulgences

Enjoying all sorts of sexual preferences

But they’re holy, they’re godly; we commoners are swine

And they are the viceroys of the divine


Copyright, David Gottfried, 2006


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