The Intimidating Name of a Law School Classmate




Tillinghast, Tillinghast will have a repast

Something to honor her realm rather vast

If you are feeling rather harassed

Stop complaining or soon you’ll be gassed


Tillinghast, Tillinghast, protestant pure

Everything Jewey she’ll duly abjure

If you have an illness she’ll withhold the cure

The fever, the pains you must endure


Tillinghast, Tillinghast will never be daft

Logical, lawyerly, she attends to her craft

Like a bracing, bitchy, harsh arctic draft

Her steamship of self  sweeps past your poor raft


Tillinghast, Tillinghast, imperious, acute

At the drop of a hat gives servants the boot

She’s acerbic, acidulous, always astute

Rabid and rancorous down to the root


Copyright, David Gottfried, 2006


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