The Sight of Arabic Script



Arabic Script is spiders fighting

Snakes slithering

Tarantulas conspiring

To slaughter you in their web


The lines are impulsive

The anger’s convulsive

So vehement, vindictive

Next to common Latin letters


The placid, lakely, lovely L

Like her ladyship

The Lamed of Hebrew

Such a graceful graphic


But Arabic script galls for war

They’ll do it again like they’ve done before

Wanton and Wicked like a Wagner score

Nazified and fascist to the very core


Copyright, David Gottfried, 2006


2 Comments on “The Sight of Arabic Script”

  1. Your poem promotes what is not true ,the worst thing man can do is to generalization .Your fingers are not the same .there is the good ,the evil, the kind ,the merciful and there is the uneducated people.We have to look in the mirror.jalal

    • I am sorry if I offended you. Really I am.

      1) But please understand something: When a writer writes something, he does not necessarily believe that what he is writing is true. He may choose to write what he FEELS instead of what he believes to be true.

      2) Also, sometimes what a writer writes is diametrically opposed to what he believes; he writes something, contrary to what he believes, because the very exposition of the contrary position makes it appear so stupid. For example, in a novel a protagonist might commit sin C. This does not believe that the novelist believes it is proper to engage in sin C. He might want to show that the protagonist is a horrible person for having sinned. Please learn to read CRITICALLY.

      3) However I must concede that I have some anti-Arab feelings. I worked in the world trade center. I am a Jew and I believe that a vast proportion of Arabs want to kill all Jews. I would like to see peace arrive but I am very pessimistic. I find that Arabs and Jews can interact well with one another as individuals, one on one (After all, Ishamel was Isaac’s brother so the Arabs and Jews are cousins) However, when we are in our respective groups all hell breaks out

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