Smoke My Herb




When I was young all I had to do was smoke a joint and listen to

“I am the Walrus”

And a poem came out the other end


Four quatrains of quartz

The rhymes were hard as rock

It was tight and mean and manly

The Word before the Cock


And don’t let anyone ever tell you that drugs are bad for you

They’re worth the risk, Man

They’re worth the risk of ten thousand boys and girls jumping off bridges

Because millions of boys and girls find god


They find god when


A straight guy and a gay guy

Will kiss each other, on the cheek

And know that they’re just great friends


They’ll  find god when


He says hello

And she says goodbye
And they smoke herb

And now she always says hi


This is mundane

This is jibberish

This is pitifully pedestrian


But it’s groooooovy man

Yeah it’s got the elan

To make you kill the Klan

And free the guys in the can


And I say yeah man

I speed on the autoban

Say Shima in Pakistan

Say Allah where they eat ham


And I say do it man

Throw your stuff in a moving van

Have sex while you get a tan

Forced entry is the best plan


And I say goo goo ga jube

Goo goo ga jube

Up the Ass without lube

Be sexy sans attitude


This is bequeathed by marijuana

For the brain it’s pure manna

For poets a new stanza

For a painter the pieta


Copyright, David Gottfried, 2012


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