The Doctor’s Office








Bette Davis inhabits Jackie Gleason’s body.

I know this for a fact.

The two of them are alive and well

In the form of my Doctor’s Office Manager.


The big fat mean queen screams:

“Deductible, not now, the doctor’s busy,

no refills, only generic, does your penis

and your balls itch or only your penis”


Drinking coffee in his own special mug

Round brown rings on my medical chart

He is my doctor’s Haldemann and Ehrlichman

A Blond beast to the core.


And I am Vietnam

Blitzed with B-52’s

Strafing my genital jungle

Hairy, raw and red.


Copyright, David Gottfried, 1995


Ode To Senator Eugene Mc Carthy

“I’m twice as bright as Stuart Symington

Twice as liberal as Hubert Humphrey

And twice as Catholic as Jack Kennedy”

Remarks attributed to Eugene McCarthy

at the 1960 Democratic Convention

When I was young, the men in the news

Became nations in my imagination


Where I made McNamara and Jubilee

Like Jack and Jackie, stunning and free

And Jackie was France, passionately

Floral with freedom, perfumed with glee


We whirled across a marble floor

With chandeliers and gowns galore

And Killer Queens, a scarlet war

A soaring, mauling, gorgeous gore


And Madame Ngu with dazzle and shine

Made herself a witch divine

And timid scholars quite supine

Told us that the war was fine


It glared and stared with Napalm eyes

And wished a pagan pagoda’s demise

It spun a web of sugared lies

And we all dined on alibis

And McNamara, that mannered man


Sedate and starched like an Englishman

Counted the kills according to plan

Obeyed his Reich like Marshal Petain

For Humphrey it was a glorious war


And Symington just an aside

For Kennedy a political chore

Clean for Gene, I swoon like a bride


Copyright, David Gottfried, 2005