Poetry and AIDS-related Dementia



Poetry and AIDS-related Dementia


AIDS and crystal have fucked my brain

Harder than a man insane

My intellect did wither and wane

My words are greeted with disdain


The poems once came to me in dreams

They wandered-up my pants’ inseams

Or came from clouds of lightest creams

Such gushing, rushing cerebral streams


And I was made of Arrogance

That always dared to take a chance

Assume the heroic stance

But did I ever really advance


This life’s a ball of puss to lance

Take me out of my morbid trance

Rid my mind of castrating can’ts

Proceed without a passing glance

Copyright, David Gottfried, 2013



Jewish Food



The women are cooking tsimmis and borscht and chicken soup

Everything simmers over burners

Of gas

The fluids are reduced

The Yiddish is refined

To a pure German core

And the grease at the bottom of the pan

The organic essence of the chicken fat

(Carbon rings, lording it over oxygen and hydrogen atoms, just a couple of reactions away from the hydrogen cyanide of the camps)

Is Indistinguishable from



Copyright, David Gottfried, 2003


The Gnashing of the Brain Stem



Even my e mails are poetry

Electrical fillips that tingle the brain

And you will never ascertain

The leonine logic of my disdain


There is in every heart a stain

Of blood so blue its freezing cold

You know the story it’s been told

How sadness, evil, grows enfolds


The mediocre people polled

The mendacity, prized, enthroned

The wisest men pilloried, stoned

The sages true quietly groaned


The last line’s trite you telephoned

The sad descent of this a poem

Not premeditated, phlegm

But visceral pangs from my brain stem


Copyright, David Gottfried, 2013


Ode to the Mind



To cerebrate, to ideate, to while away the hours

To reduce and deduce the flotsam into gems

To irradiate and penetrate with cognitive powers

Marching forward from ape-ish brain stems


To conjure, connote to fabricate a fashion

Of flowers, of parasols, of lanes of pennied plenty

To transform delusion into righteous reason

And make stale reason patent heresy


To twist, to torture, every twig of facts

To make a dead leaf ripple like the sea

To take separate branches and weld them into pacts

And build and burnish the most majestic tree


Metaphors are Petit fours the mind loves to eat

Sugary sensations that makes the dull retreat

To turn A to B is the elemental passion

So furious, so foul, my nuclear fission


Copyright, David Gottfried, 2013

Smoke My Herb




When I was young all I had to do was smoke a joint and listen to

“I am the Walrus”

And a poem came out the other end


Four quatrains of quartz

The rhymes were hard as rock

It was tight and mean and manly

The Word before the Cock


And don’t let anyone ever tell you that drugs are bad for you

They’re worth the risk, Man

They’re worth the risk of ten thousand boys and girls jumping off bridges

Because millions of boys and girls find god


They find god when


A straight guy and a gay guy

Will kiss each other, on the cheek

And know that they’re just great friends


They’ll  find god when


He says hello

And she says goodbye
And they smoke herb

And now she always says hi


This is mundane

This is jibberish

This is pitifully pedestrian


But it’s groooooovy man

Yeah it’s got the elan

To make you kill the Klan

And free the guys in the can


And I say yeah man

I speed on the autoban

Say Shima in Pakistan

Say Allah where they eat ham


And I say do it man

Throw your stuff in a moving van

Have sex while you get a tan

Forced entry is the best plan


And I say goo goo ga jube

Goo goo ga jube

Up the Ass without lube

Be sexy sans attitude


This is bequeathed by marijuana

For the brain it’s pure manna

For poets a new stanza

For a painter the pieta


Copyright, David Gottfried, 2012

Tainted with a Stain




I’m tainted with a stain

A wretched mark of Cain

Life I can’t retain

Succor I can’t obtain


The ceaseless stark refrain

Of never-ending pain

Of hopes all down the drain

Trying is in vain.


No culprit to arraign

I’m slicing up my vein

Death I will attain

I sink in a sewer main


I hear sweet “Lady Jane”

I see a scarlet train

Of regnant, regal reign

Dreams lost, I am insane



Copyright, David Gottfried, 2005

I Don’t Want to be like This




I strike the match, I start the show

I spike the punch with poisoned roe

A tumor spreading starts to glow

Your Happiness hijacked by woe


And what new harms will I bestow

Ills that fester, always grow

Your life is held in escrow

I’ll drag you down so deep below


You’ll never see the mistiltoe

Mired beneath seven foot snow

I am your implacable foe

Beware my arctic wind’s harsh blow


Copyright, David Gottfried, 1996